Accessing Inner Healing Potentials


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This educational seminar is an introduction to three major natural healing modalities designed to empower individuals to access their own inner healing potentials.

The program consists of three separate sessions, the first of which is a Healing Oriented Guided Meditation that will assist individuals in entering an expanded and relaxed state of awareness.

A second healing modality session will focus on Hypnotherapy, in which individuals will be educated on hypnosis.  Including a group demonstration followed by a question and answer period, it will expose the myths and misconceptions about hypnotherapy.

The third and final session will focus on Quantum EPR Biofeedback as an insightful educational tool for helping individuals improve their health and well-being by using signals from their own body.

By the end of the program, attendees will have a much deeper understanding of how to help themselves using noninvasive, safe and effective bio-energetic healing modalities.


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Tuesdays from March 20th through April 3rd, 2018

7:00 – 8:00 PM


None — this seminar is free.

To register, please call 561-599-1201.


Main Library, Palm Beach County Library System

3650 Summit Blvd
W Palm Beach, FL 33406