Summary of Services

Healing Hearts Healing MindsHealing Hearts Healing Minds, Inc. is an organization devoted to offering an array of educational classes, evidence-based complementary and alternative therapeutic programs.  In addition, we offer innovative individual and group support services for bereaved parents, children, siblings, and individuals facing extreme health challenges who seek meaningful strategies to accelerate their true healing process.  These programs help people recover and rebuild their lives with new courage, fortitude and faith to move forward and towards the realization of their dreams and goals.

Self-Empowerment Classes/Workshops/Seminars

Self-Empowerment Classes Workshops Seminars

Monthly workshops/seminars provide a wealth of means by which individuals who suffered the loss of a loved one can learn effective ways to cope and transcend into a place of inner peace and self-love. The seminars bring together experts in the field of bereavement from varied and diverse walks of life, drawing from their personal life experiences and bringing forth their wisdom, inspiration and light to you.

Mini – Meditation Healing Retreats

Mini Meditation Healing Retreats

Exclusively designed for individuals who wish to practice mindfulness and yearn to learn more about their own spiritual journey.  Participants are guided into profound state of relaxation/contemplation to quiet the mind using visual images, awareness of the breath, and affirmations.  The purpose of the meditation retreats is to facilitate profound relaxation; deep emotional, mental and spiritual healing; increased intuition; and communication with your higher self and higher power.  Specifically designed exercises form the core of the workshop, together with explanation, discussion and supportive group interaction.  The retreat’s goal is to assist participants in making the transition to a fuller, more peaceful, enriched and meaningful life.  Important personal revelations are commonplace during and after partaking in these retreats.

Support Groups

Support Groups

Grief healing circle support groups take place twice a month, and each meeting lasts 2 hours.  Topics related to grief are addressed using specific tools and guided exercises to help heal the pain of loss from your loved one on deeper levels in order to move forward with your life’s path.  Everyone has an ample opportunity to share and voice where they need help the most.  Reiki master practitioners will be on-site and are available to support each individual who wishes to receive personal Reiki sacred healing energy while doing the spiritual work at hand.

One On One Healing Sessions

Holistic healers strive to provide care in a culturally appropriate manner, developing awareness for the cultures of the clients they serve, to facilitate communication across cultural differences.  Additionally, holistic practitioners are sensitive to the boundary needs of individual clients.