Mission, Vision, Values

We are a non-profit organization devoted to offering Mind-Body-Spirit healing modalities


To teach and empower individuals to improve their health, and/or overcome trauma at all levels of their being ( physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually) by accessing their own innate healing capabilities. Special priority is given to persons experiencing high stress, or all those suffering from mental/emotional distress due to illness or the loss of a loved one.


To integrate evidence-based, natural, safe, and non-invasive alternative and complementary therapies and healing modalities designed to release pain and grief and awaken inborn-healing potentials that lie dormant within us and have yet to be fully explored, understood and embraced by society at large.



A Video Message:

Holistic therapists and health practitioners ascribe to these specific values and work within the following governing principles:

  • Unconditional Love:  Holistic therapists and health practitioners offer care from an infinite field of love and compassion.
  • Do No Harm:  Holistic therapists and health practitioners do no harm, and serve humanity with the objective of cultivating goodness and wholeness.  Holistic healers have the obligation to determine the efficacy and safety of all healing actions.
  • Optimal Health:  Holistic therapists and health practitioners see the client as a whole person — body, mind and spirit — seeking to realize the highest possible level of functioning and balance of the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects present within each individual.
  • Walk the Talk:  Holistic therapists and health practitioners practice and engage in healthy and spiritual practices that support mind-body-spirit wholeness on a daily basis.  Certified practitioners assume the privilege and the responsibility to identify and integrate self-care strategies to enhance their own well being, assisting, encouraging and inspiring others to do the same.  Holistic healers recognize that self-care practices support and significantly enhance healing capacities for every client.
  • Innate Healing Power:  Holistic therapists and health practitioners believe in the innate healing power of the human being, and honor this gift from the universe by evoking and helping patients utilize these powers to affect the healing process.
  • Confidentiality:  Holistic therapists and health practitioners uphold the confidentiality of each client and treat as confidential all information learned in the performance of their professional duties, while observing relevant requirements regarding disclosure (abuse and/or imminent danger to self and others).
  • Professionalism:  Holistic therapists and health practitioners treat all parties with respect and maintain cooperative and empowered relationships with other fellow colleagues and professionals.  Holistic healers strive to provide care in a culturally appropriate manner, developing awareness for the cultures of the clients they serve, to facilitate communication across cultural differences.  Additionally, holistic practitioners are sensitive to the boundary needs of individual clients.  The holistic healer does not make medical diagnoses nor prescribe medications without appropriate training and licensure; neither do they suggest that the client change prescribed treatment or interfere with the treatment of a licensed health care provider.
  • Competence:  Holistic therapists and health practitioners carry personal responsibility for practice and for maintaining continued competence.  Holistic healers offer and provide services commensurate with their training, perform only those services for which they are qualified, and recommit themselves to pursuing continuing professional education and training to maintain and enhance their competence.
  • Wisdom:  Holistic therapists and health practitioners pursue wisdom and act accordingly.  Holistic healers cultivate awareness and understanding concerning individual consciousness and one’s relationship to Universal Consciousness.  Holistic healers recognize that illness, pain, and the dying process offer learning and growth opportunities for both the client and the holistic healer.

Our Testimonials:

  • This workshop surpassed all my expectations. Beatriz delivered in a clear and easy to understand format a wealth of information on mindfulness that I can now translate into practice and apply it in my everyday life. I have learned more about myself and how to shift my perspective on life in the course of 16 weeks than I have in the past few years of my life. Amazing!!!!
    Ann T. Client
  • For anyone seriously interested in learning how to meditate for the long haul, this is the course to take. Beatriz is a wonderful instructor. You cannot help but learn a lot and become excited about expanding your awareness and becoming proactive in improving and healing all types of relationships.
    Terry G. Client
  • This workshop has made a lasting impression on me. I intend to make meditation a part of my daily routine. I wholeheartedly recommend it to all my friends and family members.
    Barbara Hernandez Client
  • Beatriz has a vast knowledge base of meditative practice and she is generous in sharing her knowledge with others. She is clear and easy to follow. It was a total joy to learn from her. I did not want this class to end. I will miss seeing your smiling face every week. Thank you for all your help.
    Sherry Y. Client
  • The workshop has helped me to relax and de-stress for the first time in many years, which was my initial objective. Now I know that meditation can help one with so much more than just learning to relax. I am having so much fun exploring my inner-self. Who knew….
    Jessica Dante Client
  • Beatriz was extremely engaging, and her lessons were well planned. Her experience and knowledge allowed me to apply easily her methodology for meditating. Her soothing voice and guidance just melted away any tension. I left every class feeling totally relaxed and at ease with myself and others.
    Mary Gallahan Client
  • This class helped me understand the true value of meditating on an ongoing basis, clear my mind and go into a safe space. Beatriz is very engaging and an excellent instructor. I appreciated practicing mindfulness with many different and practical meditative exercises. This was a great opportunity to bring balance into my life.
    Maxwell Geller Client
  • What a wonderful way to relax and expand one’s mind without much effort. Just let yourself go…
    Brenda Jennings Client