In Loving Memory of Joshua Samuel Zornberg

Joshua Samuel Zornberg

Healing Hearts Healing Minds, Inc. was established in loving memory of my beloved son, Joshua Samuel Zornberg. I dedicate this work in service to the HOLY ONE BLESSED BE HE in gratitude for the gift of my son, Josh. May the MERCIFUL ONE accept and find this offering favorable in HIS eyes. I pray that HE grant us all inner-strength and wisdom to pursue diligently our life’s purpose, comforted by the understanding that ALL HE does, HE does for the good. I surrender with all my heart, might and soul to HIS eternal compassion and unconditional love.

E-Book Available

This book is a true account of messages channeled from Heaven from son to mother and is a must read for anyone who has lost a loved one, needs help cultivating the inner strength to move forward and reignite faith, or who simply wants to be reassured that your loved one is with you now and will always be by your side.