Calling Your Inner-Healer:


This outstanding program introduces bereaved persons to a new healing paradigm, teaching easy-to-use but potent mind-body techniques that honor the process of grieving while learning to release and heal heavily conflictive emotions commonly experienced by grieving parents and family members after the traumatic loss of a loved one.  These powerful yet practical exercises are designed to (a) expand your level of awareness beyond what you thought possible; and (b) guide you through a series of meditative exercises that focus on working through, resolving and transmuting many different kinds of potentially devastating feelings and emotional states in order to create a sacred space for deep healing going forward.

Pathways To Life Program:


This program is designed to help individuals in inpatient or outpatient substance abuse recovery identify and release fears associated with negative, self-destructive emotions, invoke love and support, and generate life-giving energy to prevent relapse and move you into a more positive, affirming direction in life.  These exercises have been proven to activate your own body’s natural healing abilities, allowing you to move beyond prior negative conditioning and addictive behaviors, and replace them with long-lasting positive thought patterns.

The Legacy Journey Program:

This program is a therapeutic writing workshop that guides participants through the process of crafting a Legacy Letter that serves as a memorable keepsake to honor the past and share wisdom, beliefs, life experiences and blessings with friends, loved ones and the community, including present and future generations.  Metaphorically speaking, a Legacy Letter or ethical will “bequeath your values” in the same way that a will of inheritance provides for bequeathing your valuables.  The trained facilitator utilizes a combination of open-ended and structured exercises that take participants from abstract thinking to writing an actual draft of their Legacy Letter with confidence and pride.  Important personal revelations are commonplace during and after taking this workshop.  This program is especially beneficial for caregivers, cancer survivors, or individuals who suffered trauma.

Quantum Focus Learning Program:


This is a six-week training program that takes you into a focused, whole-brain higher state of consciousness, and creates an optimal condition for improving brain function, accelerated learning and enhancing self-esteem.  You will learn specific exercises that challenge your brain/mind in unique ways and sharpen your focus and concentration, form new neurological pathways and fire up your creative powers.  These exercises form the core of the workshop, together with explanation, discussion, and supportive group interaction.  Participants are strongly encouraged to bring either a notebook or journal to record their personal experiences.