We offer customized programs for the bereaved, for caregivers, and for those under severe stress and pain caused by addiction; unexpected illness; or physical, mental or emotional trauma.

Therapeutic Interventions include a range of innovative and proven techniques such as Quantum Biofeedback, Mindfulness, Sound Therapy, Inception Point and others.

Healing Hearts Healing Minds offers classes and seminars, meditation healing retreats, support groups, and one-on-one healing sessions.

One-on-one healing sessions are available with our professional health care planners, facilitators and practitioners.

Our Mission

To teach and empower individuals to improve their health, and/or overcome trauma at all levels of their being ( physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually) by accessing their own innate healing capabilities. Special priority is given to persons experiencing high stress, or all those suffering from mental/emotional distress due to illness or the loss of a loved one.


To integrate evidence-based, natural, safe, and non-invasive alternative and complementary therapies and healing modalities designed to release pain and grief and awaken inborn-healing potentials that lie dormant within us and have yet to be fully explored, understood and embraced by society at large.

About Us

Our Team

Beatriz CymberknopfAt Healing Hearts, Healing Minds, Inc., our staff is devoted to offering care through our alternative and  complementary therapeutic programs and innovative individual and group support services…

Our Testimonials

“This workshop surpassed all my expectations.  Beatriz delivered in a clear and easy to understand format a wealth of information on mindfulness that I can now translate into practice and apply it in my everyday life. I have learned more about myself and how to shift my perspective on life in the course of 16 weeks than I have in the past few years of my life. Amazing!!!!”

-Ann T.


Q: What are “Complementary” and “Alternative” therapies?
A: “Complementary and alternative medicine,” “complementary medicine,” “alternative medicine,” “integrative medicine”—we have all seen these terms on the Internet and in marketing, but what do they really mean? The national Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) defines…


Our Evidence–Based Therapeutic Healing Modalities

  • Anxiety


    Stress reduction and stress management

    Pain management

    Personal development, emotional and spiritual growth

    Activation of innate healing processes

  • Effective mindfulness techniques

    Effective meditation techniques

    Deep relaxation training

    Muscle re-education and brain –wave training

    Life transitions

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Reviews From Our Clients

  • This workshop surpassed all my expectations. Beatriz delivered in a clear and easy to understand format a wealth of information on mindfulness that I can now translate into practice and apply it in my everyday life. I have learned more about myself and how to shift my perspective on life in the course of 16 weeks than I have in the past few years of my life. Amazing!!!!
    Ann T. Client
  • For anyone seriously interested in learning how to meditate for the long haul, this is the course to take. Beatriz is a wonderful instructor. You cannot help but learn a lot and become excited about expanding your awareness and becoming proactive in improving and healing all types of relationships.
    Terry G. Client
  • This workshop has made a lasting impression on me. I intend to make meditation a part of my daily routine. I wholeheartedly recommend it to all my friends and family members.
    Barbara Hernandez Client
  • Beatriz has a vast knowledge base of meditative practice and she is generous in sharing her knowledge with others. She is clear and easy to follow. It was a total joy to learn from her. I did not want this class to end. I will miss seeing your smiling face every week. Thank you for all your help.
    Sherry Y. Client
  • The workshop has helped me to relax and de-stress for the first time in many years, which was my initial objective. Now I know that meditation can help one with so much more than just learning to relax. I am having so much fun exploring my inner-self. Who knew….
    Jessica Dante Client
  • Beatriz was extremely engaging, and her lessons were well planned. Her experience and knowledge allowed me to apply easily her methodology for meditating. Her soothing voice and guidance just melted away any tension. I left every class feeling totally relaxed and at ease with myself and others.
    Mary Gallahan Client
  • This class helped me understand the true value of meditating on an ongoing basis, clear my mind and go into a safe space. Beatriz is very engaging and an excellent instructor. I appreciated practicing mindfulness with many different and practical meditative exercises. This was a great opportunity to bring balance into my life.
    Maxwell Geller Client
  • What a wonderful way to relax and expand one’s mind without much effort. Just let yourself go…
    Brenda Jennings Client
  • This class helped me to truly understand the value of meditating. Totally worth it. Thank you!!!
    Mary Gamboya Client
  • This workshop was exciting, and a pleasantly surprising experience for me. I want to learn much more about meditating. Beatriz is a wonderful facilitator.
    Helen L. Client
  • Wow! This class rocked. It showed me how to think about things in a different way and how I can reshape my inner world to get more positive results. The instructor was very knowledgeable, professional and approachable. Excellent!!!!!!!
    Pablo Mendoza Client
  • Using guided meditations as a tool for healing myself is exactly what I needed to learn. As a teacher in elementary school, I see every day how my children’s emotions get in the way of their learning. I wish they would teach it in schools.
    Debra Hastings Client
  • The course gave me a true sense of empowerment. I can work with this. Finally, I can help myself without having to first resort to drugs to kill the pain.
    Anonymous Client
  • A must course to take if you really want to understand what may be affecting your health and more importantly, how to heal and clear any unwanted thoughts, false illusions or beliefs you have about yourself and/or others.
    Sharon Margolis Client
  • I recently had a session with Beatriz and came in with no expectations as I was unfamiliar with the method. She was very informative and descriptive, answering all my questions and putting my mind at ease. The session was relaxing and extremely accurate. The biofeedback showed previous injuries and issues only I knew about along with a few I had no clue! Since completing the first session, I’ve had better overall health, energy and awareness of what I need to work on internally. I will definitely be continuing this therapy as I find it to be extremely beneficial. I cannot recommend Beatriz and biofeedback enough!
    Justin Shiver Client
  • Good news Beatriz, I can tell that the biofeedback sessions made some big changes in my brain. Also seems to have made some positive changes in what I am attracting to me. What I am noticing is that each time we do a session, I am seeing positive changes. I am finally turning the corner with my health and things are getting better thanks to your quantum biofeedback sessions. I am very encouraged that we are moving in the right direction. Regarding my insomnia, happy to report, I have slept pretty well the last 4 nights. What a relief. I haven’t felt this relaxed in a very long time. Yeah…. And my allergies seem less bothersome too.  My brain feels clearer and stronger .. this is exciting stuff. Who knew? You can help a lot of people with this technology. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!!!!!!!!
    Tina C. Client
  • Thank you for teaching Accessing Inner Guidance classes during February and March, 2017 for the Palm Beach County Library System’s Healthy Mind and Body series. Branch staff reported that you were knowledgeable and had a communication style which allowed library members to relax and meditate. Members’ comments included, “Excellent. Enjoyed it very much. Very useful,” “Very well done,” “I love it,” “Very intriguing,” “Helped put me in an amazing settling state of mind. Excited to practice on my own.” Thank you again for sharing your skill and expertise.
    Mindy Rose Consumer Health Information Service Librarian
  • I had never thought about anything like this before, but after the session, I was intrigued to explore it further. It made me think that I should be less concerned about who I am going to give my antiques to and more concerned with how I am going to be remembered by my family.
    Jean M. Client
  • While it’s never comfortable to think about one’s own mortality, this workshop helped me immensely to understand and appreciate my life as it is, and all I have experienced, both good and bad. Now, my children have a keepsake; a beautiful heart-felt letter that tells them how much I love them as opposed to saying it verbally and having the words fade over time. This workshop is priceless. Thumbs up! Every parent or grandparent needs to seriously consider writing a legacy letter. I consider this to be my best gift ever.
    Ethel Wiserman Client
  • This workshop touched my heart and I know my legacy letter will touch my loved-ones hearts as well.  Thank you, Beatriz, for turning what is a tabu topic for most people into an inspiring and memorable one.  I highly recommend it to all my friends who are in their 60s and 70s to write such a letter before it’s too late.  So very glad I did.
    Leslie Simmone Client
  • I came to her Beatriz with so many health problems and she continues to help me resolve them with each biofeedback session we have.  When I follow her direction during therapy, I'm then able to fully relax, visualize, meditate, and manifest for myself better emotions and greater vitality for weeks after.  While she simultaneously uses her different programs on the device, I immediately feel tingling in my feet, ears and stomach.  I am always amazed, after receiving her help how quickly I feel better.  With each successive session, I not only learn more about how to help myself, but also am able to integrate the higher frequencies and energies within my body and feel healthier for it.  Beatriz has a true desire to help people.  I will continue this service for years to come.
    Francine F. Client
  • The experience I have had with the healing energies of the SCIO device has been totally UNPRECEDENTED, compared to traditional medicine. My knee problems healed, pain and swelling all removed as I can now sleep better and be more active then before. Thank you, Beatriz, for all your help.
    D. W. Florida Client
  • Over the past year, I have been trying different things to reduce stress and live healthier. One of thing that I do is get biofeedback. It has helped me a great deal with stress and anxiety; as well as provide insight on what is going on with my body (both good and things to look after). It can also help target areas needed with nutrition. When I first did the biofeedback, it was showing some signs that I should have my liver checked out and I was actually having some issues that I was aware of, but the person providing the feedback was not aware of. I find that the biofeedback is very helpful and usually pretty exact.
    Wendellyn L. Client
  • I was skeptical, but curious nonetheless to try the biofeedback device to help me to know more about my own health status. Not knowing exactly what to expect, I did not expect a lot. Well, I couldn’t have been more surprised when I saw how much this therapeutic technique could do for me. For starters, I started to feel more peaceful and able to de-stress; without me putting any effort in it. But what amazed me the most, was that it identified with precision my emotions; even those I had long buried or preferred not to think about. It also alerted me to specific health issues and indicated homeopathic and herbal remedies to correct them as an alternative to taking pills, which I now understand are very toxic to the body. Whenever I treat myself to a session, I always am super glad I did, as it leaves me feeling rather strong and more balanced mental, emotionally and physically than ever before. It’s definitely worth every penny. Beatriz is super reasonable too!!!
    Joann Penn Client
  • Hi Beatriz, hope you had a great weekend. Just a quick note to let you know Friday’s treatment had amazing results. I had enough energy this weekend to do some gardening and holiday shopping with my wife. I have not felt this good in a very long time. I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
    Steve Halkins Client
  • My anxiety was out of control, and my thoughts had a field day with me playing on my already fragile emotional state and negative self-talk I was not aware I had in the first place. I was going downhill quickly. Learning how to meditate with Beatriz has been a true blessing. I am now much more aware and in control of my thoughts and emotions and discover new things about myself every day.
    Anonymous Client
  • I use guided meditations to help me fall and stay asleep. I absolutely love it. Cannot believe I waited this long to do this for myself.
    Steven Welkins Client
  • My anxiety was out of control, and my thoughts had a field day with me playing on my already fragile emotional state and negative self-talk I was not aware I had in the first place. I was going downhill quickly. Learning how to meditate with Beatriz has been a true blessing. I am now much more aware and in control of my thoughts and emotions and discover new things about myself every day.
    Anonymous Client
  • This writing workshop reminded me of so many important things I have done in my life I had long forgotten. I always wanted my children to know those parts of myself but just never got around to telling them. Participating in this legacy Journey workshop gave me that opportunity, and I loved that I now have a written letter to give to them for future generations to remember me by before it’s too late. A heartfelt thank you, Beatriz. Keep it going….
    Margaret B. — Boca Raton, Fla Client
  • Superb workshop. If you are 50 years old or older, you would do well by attending this workshop. Your loved ones will thank you for it. Best workshop I have taken in a long time.
    Leigh Tompson — West Palm Beach, Fla Client
  • One of the best things I liked most about this workshop was that I did not need to be a good writer. The ideas and insights naturally poured out of me surprisingly easily thanks to the thoughtful guidance and specific questions Beatriz used to trigger my memories and life lessons. Who knew I could be such a good writer. Awesome workshop. If you have the opportunity to take the class, don’t miss it.
    Bernard K. — New York Client
  • I was scared at first, thinking I don’t have a great story or life experiences to tell others about. However, I learned that I am quite blessed, though I didn’t see it before in that way. Actually, I can say, I have a lot of good pointers to share about my life with my loved ones, if they choose to listen. What will you discover about yourself?
    Lillian Alonso — Miaimi, Fla Client
  • This legacy workshop was the perfect means to explain to my children why I chose to do certain things in my life that I would otherwise not know how to do. It brought healing to my soul and brought resolution and peace to those I love. Although my reasons for taking the course may be different than yours, I am certain that it too can and will restore a sense of peace and gratitude for life itself. That alone is a great lesson to share with your loved ones.
    Gabe Sheldon — Delray Beach, Fla Client
  • Beatriz is a great facilitator. She makes it fun and purposeful. Well worth the time.
    Carlos and Maria Gonzalez — West Palm Beach, Fla Client
  • At first, I resisted signing up for this workshop thinking that I had more struggles than successes in my life. Beatriz made me realize that those are precisely the stories to tell because I could inspire my family and others to overcome their own challenges; and through it all, lead and live a meaningful life. When I finished my legacy letter, I couldn’t wait to give it to my daughter. She read it and wept for a long time and told me she was so proud of me. Naturally, it brought us closer together than ever before. For that I am eternally grateful.
    Francine R. — Palm Beach Gardens, Fla Client
  • I was concerned that I am not a good writer, but going through each of the exercises and completing made me feel like a pro. Now, I have a thoughtful and well written legacy letter to share with all those I love. Best gift I will ever give.
    Gerald Finkelstein — Boca Raton, Fla Client
  • My anxiety was out of control, and my thoughts had a field day with me playing on my already fragile emotional state and negative self-talk I was not aware I had in the first place. I was going downhill quickly. Learning how to meditate with Beatriz has been a true blessing. I am now much more aware and in control of my thoughts and emotions and discover new things about myself every day.
    Anonymous Client
  • I use guided meditations to help me fall and stay asleep. I absolutely love it. Cannot believe I waited this long to do this for myself.
    Steven Welkins Client
  • Beatriz is absolutely lovely! She is an experienced professional with a multitude of healing modalities available. Her humble, heart-centered approach combined with her keen expertise put me at ease immediately. She was able to provide insight and guidance that was incredibly helpful as well as a safe, nurturing environment that is the basis of all healing. I’m very much looking forward to working with her more and I highly recommend her to any and all that are considering the same. You will not be disappointed!
    Amber — South Fla Client
  • I am completely amazed at the accuracy of the biofeedback. In addition, Beatriz is such a compassionate person and in tune with her clients. If you are seeking answers to your overall health, mind, body and soul, look no further. Your body does not lie. I would highly recommend Healing Hearts to anyone looking to get to the root cause of their illness and/or optimize their health.
    Michelle Stewart — South Fla Client
  • Since the biofeedback session with you, I have made positive changes in my life. I have not made a plan of action yet. However, each day I seem to think of a thing that could be improved, and I do it. My daughter, and friends have commented that I seem more energetic, bright, interested, upbeat and positive. Beatriz, thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for your biofeedback session.
    Joyce Freedman — South Fla Client
  • I am always amazed how quickly and how much better I feel after receiving her help. With each successive session, I not only learn more about how to help myself, but also am able to better integrate the higher frequencies and healing energies within my body. Beatriz has a true desire to help people.
    Francine Fox — South Fla Client
  • I just wanted to take a few minutes of my time to send you my heartfelt appreciation for the healing that I have been receiving from both you and the fabulous SCIO (Quantum Energy) machine. I have been diagnosed with many different illnesses over the past 20 years including Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and extremely painful herniated disks in my back and neck. I have been in chronic pain for over 20 years now. The lupus has also recently affected my brain to the point of having extreme anxiety and chronic insomnia. I also have been diagnosed (from a psychiatry exam) with a mild form of schizophrenia which is basically an extreme anxiety condition that makes me very dizzy and lightheaded and foggy headed at times. All of these brain symptoms and insomnia symptoms seemed to get much worse when I started going through hormonal changes in my mid 40's. The SCIO machine was able to pick up on all of these conditions without me going into any detail about what is going on with me which in itself is pretty amazing in itself! It also picked up on the fact that my liver and digestive system were both getting affected by the many different types of viruses (such as Epstein Barr Virus) in my system, and it showed that these areas would be a great place to start treatment in terms of getting my immune system stronger. This was very helpful information because as I am sure you can imagine, it is challenging to know where to start working on your body when you have so many things out of balance. I had suspected that virus was the root cause of many of my symptoms before, but the SCIO machine showed what kind of virus and what area of the body it was affecting. This was something that no one was really able to explain to me before in such detail and with such certainty. It seemed that in the past, everyone was just guessing as to why my body was so out of balance. I feel more balanced and stronger after each session right away. I feel that the SCIO is improving the strength of my immune system with each treatment that we do. It is so amazing to be able to know that I am targeting the right areas for my body to get stronger and we have taken the guess work out of knowing what to do to help my body work better! Sending much love and appreciation.
    Teresita M. — South Fla Client
  • I have done Biofeedback and Reiki with Beatriz. She is so comforting and each time I feel a little more healed. The biofeedback is incredibly informative and spot on regarding the information it can elicit from your body and energy field. Highly recommend everyone try this at least once!
    Dawn R. — Boca Raton, Fla Client
  • Their SCIO device has helped me with my PTSD way beyond what other medications have been able to do for me. I am rethinking my beliefs around medications and their side-effects altogether. Thank you! J. Colon, Plantation, Florida. 2019. I have been receiving monthly biofeedback sessions since 2017. Beatriz is amazing. Highly recommend her.
    W. — E. Boca Raton, Fla Client
  • I felt I was floating on air during and after the reiki session with Beatriz. This was an extremely relaxing and enjoyable experience. I was able to finally release tensions I have been carrying for quite some time and sleep much better too in the process. Thank you.
    Madeline L. — South Fla Client
  • I never expected to feel the energy, the way I did, but I did. After a few sessions, I became that much more aware and sensitive to how it feels to have energy move within my body. That surprised me and motivated me to learn more about it. Today, I am well on my way to becoming a Reiki master and teacher. I am so grateful for Beatriz’s guidance.
    Vivianne J. — Boca Raton, Fla Client
  • Beatriz is a natural healer. I could not help but feel her healing touch over me and through me. I usually have a hard time quieting my mind, but only 10 minutes into the session, I was feeling a loving and sweet embrace of energies that I will not forget. I didn’t want the session to end. Wished I could have remained there for hours. Wonderful!!!!
    Lilian C. — Delray Beach, Fla Client
  • After the first Reiki session with Beatriz I definitely felt more energized but very relaxed at the same time, not to mention my stress just melted away. What a feeling. Thank you for showing me a much better way to de-stress.
    Martin Strauss — Royal Palm Beach, Fla Client
  • For anyone seeking to know and experience what it feels to slip into a profound sense of peace, Reiki with Beatriz is a no brainer. She is a natural healer. You must experience this for yourself. !!!!!
    Rachel Zimmerman — Deerfield Beach, Fla Client
  • A friend of mine told me about the experience she had with Reiki and upon her insistence, I decided to finally give it a try!! I am excited to say it was a beautiful, deeply relaxing session; and even moved me to tears at some point. Unexpectantly, I also received some messages that Beatriz channeled while sending Reiki energies. I highly recommend Beatriz without any reservation.
    Lucy B. — South Fla Client