Testimonials: Reiki — Healing Touch

Reiki — Healing Touch

Energy-based healing modalities that significantly relieve stress and create a sense of inner-peace

  • I felt I was floating on air during and after the reiki session with Beatriz. This was an extremely relaxing and enjoyable experience. I was able to finally release tensions I have been carrying for quite some time and sleep much better too in the process. Thank you.
    Madeline L. — South Fla Client
  • I never expected to feel the energy, the way I did, but I did. After a few sessions, I became that much more aware and sensitive to how it feels to have energy move within my body. That surprised me and motivated me to learn more about it. Today, I am well on my way to becoming a Reiki master and teacher. I am so grateful for Beatriz’s guidance.
    Vivianne J. — Boca Raton, Fla Client
  • Beatriz is a natural healer. I could not help but feel her healing touch over me and through me. I usually have a hard time quieting my mind, but only 10 minutes into the session, I was feeling a loving and sweet embrace of energies that I will not forget. I didn’t want the session to end. Wished I could have remained there for hours. Wonderful!!!!
    Lilian C. — Delray Beach, Fla Client
  • After the first Reiki session with Beatriz I definitely felt more energized but very relaxed at the same time, not to mention my stress just melted away. What a feeling. Thank you for showing me a much better way to de-stress.
    Martin Strauss — Royal Palm Beach, Fla Client
  • For anyone seeking to know and experience what it feels to slip into a profound sense of peace, Reiki with Beatriz is a no brainer. She is a natural healer. You must experience this for yourself. !!!!!
    Rachel Zimmerman — Deerfield Beach, Fla Client
  • A friend of mine told me about the experience she had with Reiki and upon her insistence, I decided to finally give it a try!! I am excited to say it was a beautiful, deeply relaxing session; and even moved me to tears at some point. Unexpectantly, I also received some messages that Beatriz channeled while sending Reiki energies. I highly recommend Beatriz without any reservation.
    Lucy B. — South Fla Client

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