Testimonials: Quantum Biofeedback

EPR Quantum Biofeedback

A stress reduction technique used to improve people's health by using signals from their own body

  • I recently had a session with Beatriz and came in with no expectations as I was unfamiliar with the method.  She was very informative and descriptive, answering all my questions and putting my mind at ease.  The session was relaxing and extremely accurate.  The biofeedback showed previous injuries and issues only I knew about along with a few I had no clue!  Since completing the first session, I’ve had better overall health, energy and awareness of what I need to work on internally.  I will definitely be continuing this therapy as I find it to be extremely beneficial.  I cannot recommend Beatriz and biofeedback enough!
    Justin Shiver Client
  • Good news Beatriz, I can tell that the biofeedback sessions made some big changes in my brain.  Also seems to have made some positive changes in what I am attracting to me.  What I am noticing is that each time we do a session, I am seeing positive changes.  I am finally turning the corner with my health and things are getting better thanks to your quantum biofeedback sessions.  I am very encouraged that we are moving in the right direction.  Regarding my insomnia, happy to report, I have slept pretty well the last 4 nights.  What a relief.  I haven’t felt this relaxed in a very long time. Yeah….  And my allergies seem less bothersome too.  My brain feels clearer and stronger .. this is exciting stuff. Who knew?  You can help a lot of people with this technology.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!!!!!!!!
    Tina C. Client
  • I came to her Beatriz with so many health problems and she continues to help me resolve them with each biofeedback session we have.  When I follow her direction during therapy, I'm then able to fully relax, visualize, meditate, and manifest for myself better emotions and greater vitality for weeks after.  While she simultaneously uses her different programs on the device, I immediately feel tingling in my feet, ears and stomach.  I am always amazed, after receiving her help how quickly I feel better.  With each successive session, I not only learn more about how to help myself, but also am able to integrate the higher frequencies and energies within my body and feel healthier for it.  Beatriz has a true desire to help people.  I will continue this service for years to come.
    Francine F. Client
  • The experience I have had with the healing energies of the SCIO device has been totally UNPRECEDENTED, compared to traditional medicine. My knee problems healed, pain and swelling all removed as I can now sleep better and be more active then before. Thank you, Beatriz, for all your help.
    D. W. Florida Client

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