Testimonials: How to Write Your Own Legacy Letter

How to Write Your Own Legacy Letter

Helps to process and reframe life experiences using the written word

  • I had never thought about anything like this before, but after the session, I was intrigued to explore it further.  It made me think that I should be less concerned about who I am going to give my antiques to and more concerned with how I am going to be remembered by my family.
    Jean M. Client
  • While it’s never comfortable to think about one’s own mortality, this workshop helped me immensely to understand and appreciate my life as it is, and all I have experienced, both good and bad.  Now, my children have a keepsake; a beautiful heart-felt letter that tells them how much I love them as opposed to saying it verbally and having the words fade over time.  This workshop is priceless.  Thumbs up! Every parent or grandparent needs to seriously consider writing a legacy letter.  I consider this to be my best gift ever.
    Ethel Wiserman Client
  • This workshop touched my heart and I know my legacy letter will touch my loved-ones hearts as well.  Thank you, Beatriz, for turning what is a tabu topic for most people into an inspiring and memorable one.  I highly recommend it to all my friends who are in their 60s and 70s to write such a letter before it’s too late.  So very glad I did.
    Leslie Simmone Client

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