Testimonials: Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

Helps to cultivate awareness and self-exploration in a non-judgmental way

  • This class helped me to truly understand the value of meditating. Totally worth it. Thank you!!!
    Mary Gamboya Client
  • This workshop was exciting, and a pleasantly surprising experience for me. I want to learn much more about meditating. Beatriz is a wonderful facilitator.
    Helen L. Client
  • Wow! This class rocked. It showed me how to think about things in a different way and how I can reshape my inner world to get more positive results. The instructor was very knowledgeable, professional and approachable. Excellent!!!!!!!
    Pablo Mendoza Client
  • Using guided meditations as a tool for healing myself is exactly what I needed to learn. As a teacher in elementary school, I see every day how my children’s emotions get in the way of their learning. I wish they would teach it in schools.
    Debra Hastings Client
  • The course gave me a true sense of empowerment. I can work with this. Finally, I can help myself without having to first resort to drugs to kill the pain.
    Anonymous Client
  • A must course to take if you really want to understand what may be affecting your health and more importantly, how to heal and clear any unwanted thoughts, false illusions or beliefs you have about yourself and/or others.
    Sharon Margolis Client

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